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“There. On the end.” Flowers pointed. “Wait. I’ll

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"And are you really a Baron and an ambassador?"

“There. On the end.” Flowers pointed. “Wait. I’ll

"Then--then I've come to help you to escape! I've bribed Dugald--and I've got a dog-cart here. Come quickly--but oh, be very quiet!"

“There. On the end.” Flowers pointed. “Wait. I’ll

For a moment the Baron actually hesitated to flee from that loathed apartment. It seemed to him that if Fortune desired to provide him with opportunities of escape she might have had the sense to offer these one at a time. For how could he tell which of these overtures to close with? A wrong decision might be fatal; yet time unquestionably pressed.

“There. On the end.” Flowers pointed. “Wait. I’ll

"Mein Gott!" he muttered irresolutely, "vich shall I do?"

At that moment the other bed creaked, and, to his infinite horror, he heard a suspicious voice demand--

"Is that you talking, Rudolph?"

Poor Eva, who was quite unaware of the presence of another prisoner, uttered a stifled shriek; with a cry of "Fly, quickly!" the Baron leaped from his bed, and headlong down the wooden stairs they clattered for freedom.

A dim vision of the thrice-bribed Dugald, screeching, "The car's ready for ye, sir!" but increased their speed.

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