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them through the gate. “Come with me. Strickland’s

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"I do starve!" replied the Baron.

them through the gate. “Come with me. Strickland’s

"And I am nearly fainting!" cried the Countess.

them through the gate. “Come with me. Strickland’s

Both rose with an alacrity astonishing in people so nearly exhausted, and made as though they would pass out. With a deprecatory gesture Dugald arrested them.

them through the gate. “Come with me. Strickland’s

"I will bring your supper fery soon," said he.

"Tell him I vill have him ponished mit ze law, if he does not let me come out!" roared the Baron.

Their jailor was courtesy itself; but it was in their prison that they supped--a silent meal, and very plain. And, bitterest pill of all, they were further informed that in their prison they must pass the night.

"In ze same room!" cried the Baron frantically. "Impossible! Improper!"

Even his mother-in-law's solicitude shrank from this vigil; but with unruffled consideration for their comfort their guardian and his assistants made up two beds forthwith. The Baron, subdued to a fierce and snarling moodiness, watched their preparations with a lurid eye.

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